Sunday, November 15, 2015

Greatest to Wear #12

The NFL Network’s greatest players to wear number 12.

Honorable mention:
Marcus Colson, Saints
Percy Harbin, but only for one of the teams he played on.
Seahawks 12th man
Jacoby Jones, Ravens (1) great (recent) postseason: scored 2 TD’s in Super Bowl.
Chris Chandler, Falcons: son-in-law of John Brodie.
James Harris, Rams (says me)
Zeke Bratkowski, Packers (says me)
Doug Williams, Redskins/Buccaneers (me)
Joe Namath, Jets/Rams (me)

10. Andrew Luck, Colts
9.  John Brodie, 49ers
8. Randall Cunningham, Eagles/Vikings

I only saw the ten, nine, and eight. Here are my top seven:
Ken Stabler, Raiders/Oilers/Saints (above)
Jim Kelly, Gunslingers/Bills
Roger Staubach, Cowboys    
Aaron Rodgers, Packers
Bob Griese, Dolphins
Terry Bradshaw, Steelers
Tom Brady, Patriots

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