Friday, November 20, 2015

Rookie of the Year

Sports Illustrated often publishes more than one "regional" cover each week. Not sure who is on the main cover this week: either Jeff Gordon or Todd Gurley of the Rams. Surely Gurley is in the covers in the St. Louis region, but does his cover appear anywhere else? Not in Bulldog territory – I received a Gordon cover. You'd think in the Southeast, where NASCAR is most popular, SI would send out the Gordon cover. That means Gurley's home state of North Carolina also got Gordon.

Thursday night C and M went to the premiere of the final Hunger Games movie. I want to see the Redford/Nolte movie A Walk in the Woods. I guess the R rating is for language. GT/GB: I was listening to the game on the way home.

All week I've been kicking myself for not buying a particular pair of shoes. They normally sell for $100.00 and they are scarce, so even if I hadn't liked them I could've sold them for a big profit. I'll never be able to find those shoes for such a cheap price again. Last night on the way home I stopped by three stores. The first store had the shoes in a kids size. The second store had an adult pair in my favorite colors: white/black/blue/grey. Even at double the price I was going to buy them - but they were size 14. Looked like boats next to my feet. At the third store I bought a different pair of shoes for M. We'll see if he wears them.

Spent some time Thursday and Friday working on my 2015 scrapbook calendar. I've about got it all filled up. Got my new 2016 calendar all ready to go for next year.

If it wasn't for my Chattanooga trip next week I would've taken off the 20th. Slept at least 15 minutes late this morning, because I've stopped setting an alarm. Went to Cheeseburger Bobby's for lunch. I will probably take off several Fridays in December.

Not much else going on this weekend. Sunday night we have our small group Thanksgiving dinner.

Wedding: I wasn't involved in the guest list. There were just a few people I made sure stayed on the list. I could check the list, but I really won't know who was invited until the wedding. I don't think I've even seen the invitation yet. Just a bunch of black envelopes. Ceil addressed all the envelopes, using a fountain pen. She might have even dipped the pen in an inkwell.

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