Monday, February 20, 2017

Freddie Free

If the Galleria buildings across 285 can been seen from the ground at home plate, just think about the views from the stands, from the upper deck.

JFBC's Buckhead church startup is meeting at Sutton Middle School. They're just now starting to meet weekly, every Sunday at 5 pm. The young "senior" pastor Jason Dees spoke at JFBC yesterday - evidently Cobb County Schools are on winter break, so Bryant Wright and lots of other folk weren't there. Ceil liked Jason's preaching.

Slow Friday night. Watched a little of the celebrity game but missed Mark Cuban's protest. C cooked a beef / noodle / tomato sauce dish and salad.

Saturday I cleaned upstairs and photographed 15 different items to post on eBay, including 13 pairs of shoes: mine, Ceil's, and Matthew's. Ceil went to the YMCA and worked on lesson plans. Later I ran errands: the bank, post office, library, Dollar Tree, Kroger, and Goodwill.

Later we drove down to Tech. M's band was playing in the Student Center. They did well. Crowd of about 50. All us parents sat in the back and wore earplugs. Afterwards C and I split a burger at Yeah! Burger.

After church Sunday I cleaned out the CRV and took it to get a carwash and oil change. C went to the grocery. M worked. Worked on the computer and paid bills. Watched "Crazy Stupid Love" again.

Busy Monday at work.
A rare photo: Freddie Freeman in short sleeves.

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