Friday, February 24, 2017

Pistol Plays Athens

It must’ve been something to see Maravich play in college. According to that AJC article , Pete only made 16 of 25 foul shots in that famous game against Georgia, which seems low. Only 64% from the stripe. Also only 21-48 from the field – 43.8%. Herb White is quoted in the article saying he probably would’ve scored 75 had there been a 3 point line. That would’ve meant 16 of 21 of his makes would’ve had to have been from long range. Probably an exaggeration on White’s part.  
Made me think of the times I’ve been to Stegeman Coliseum. I hate it when people turn my story into their own story, but that’s what I’m going to do to you. In ninth grade the state science fair was held on the floor of the coliseum, which I thought was neat. 1974. In the winter of 1978 I rode over to Athens with a gang from the BSU for the GA/GT basketball game. My first road trip. We ate pizza before the game. Wayne Smith and probably Wayne Price were there. Good times. When W was in high school I won tickets from WSB for the UGA/Tennessee game. We took Will’s friend and his dad – who’d graduated from UT. After the game a UT player gave will a sweatband. Last winter C, A, M, and I went to the Gymdogs meet. I’m hoping Anna swings by Stegeman tomorrow to pick up a men’s basketball bobblehead. 

Young Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas was drafted 60th overall (last) in the 2011 NBA Draft. None of the 59 players drafted ahead of him have scored more NBA points. Thomas is 5’9” tall. I read a SI article about young Thomas to see if there was a silver lining, but not really. Wears the headband only in games, just for show – as a nod to his mentor Jason Terry. Terry wore his headband in honor of Slick Watts. All three are from the Pacific Northwest.
Former Piston Isiah Thomas is not his father – no relation at all. Young Isaiah Thomas’ father grew up scalping Lakers tickers, and took at bet that he wouldn’t name his son after the Laker nemesis. But mother – whose grandfather was a pastor – insisted on the Biblical spelling of Isaiah.  
Wednesday: C cooked chicken soup as well as black beans and rice, and salad. Wheel, Jeopardy, Hunted, The Middle. Bed at 10:30.
Thursday night: beef stew. Wheel. Jeopardy college tourney. Last Man Standing. The Middle. Bed. M and C went to the bookstore.
The new machine at work dispenses ice at a glacial pace.

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