Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Black in Black: Part 3

This past Sunday the Falcons wore their fauxback uniforms again,
so again I'll post a few pictures. 
Above: the Falcons enter the field from the southwest corner of the field,
running out toward the open eastern "window to the city" end zone.
Above: taking the shotgun snap from the wildcat formation, former high school quarterback Mohammed Sanu lets loose on a bomb... 
 ...that Julio Jones catches as he tumbles into the end zone.
Below: another angle of Jones' stretching touchdown.
Tiny Taylor Gabriel (#18) throws a block.
The unis are called fauxbacks instead of throwbacks because they do not accurately depict a specific era of Falcons history. The jerseys are close to the year two jerseys worn by the Birds, as well as the Glanville-era jerseys (when black helmets were worn). 
But grey pants were worn in those early 90's years.
White pants were only worn back in the early red helmet years. 
Since the Falcons now wear black lids, by NFL rule (for safety)
the same helmet shell must be worn in every game.
This week for the first time I noticed how the stadium roof
is reflected on the player's helmets.
The Falcons official website is a great place to borrow game pictures.
Looks like someone had my idea to snap a pic looking up from the goalposts.

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