Thursday, November 23, 2017

GT vs GA: the Uniforms

With just a few recent exceptions, Tech and Georgia wear the same uniform every time they meet. Tech wears white jerseys and gold pants at home and on the road. Georgia wears red jerseys and silver britches at home, and they’re happy to wear them on the road if needed.

With the record of the rivalry game so one-sided in recent years, I wondered if the uni-tweaks recently pulled by Tech has made a difference. Last year the Jackets wore their honeycomb helmets in Athens – and won. Unlike UGA, Tech can wear white pants, navy or black jerseys. I’m looking back 40 years to my freshman year at Tech.

In the past 40 years Georgia has worn red jerseys and Tech white jerseys and gold pants a total of 30 times. Drop shadow numbers and various fonts have come and gone, mostly by Tech. Georgia has won 28 of the 40 games. The Jackets wore white over gold in eight of their 12 wins – including seven at home.

Tech has won three of the past four times they wore white pants (all on the road). Georgia has won 4 of the past 5 times they wore white jerseys. So Tech should wear white jerseys and pants. Bet they won’t.

16 @GA Kirby’s 1st year GT wins in white pants  
15 @GT GA wins
14 @GA GT wins in OT in white pants (FG & INT)
13 @GT GA wins
12 @GA GA wins GT in honeycomb jerseys
11 @GT GA wins
10 @GA GA wins GT in white pants
09 @GT GA wins
08 @GA CPJ’s 1st year GT wins in white pants. Roddy’s long run (above).

07 @GT Dawgs win in white, GT in gold jerseys & white pants
06 @GA Dawgs win
05 @GT Dawgs win in white, GT in gold jerseys & white pants
04 @GA Dawgs win
03 @GT Dawgs win
02 @GA Dawgs win
01 @GT Dawgs win

00 @GA GT wins
99 @GT GT wins
98 @GA GT wins
97 @GT UGA wins
96 @GA UGA wins
95 @GT UGA wins
94 @GA UGA wins
93 @GT UGA wins in white, GT in navy jerseys & white pants
92 @GA Dawgs win GT in white pants.
91 @GT Dawgs win

90 @GA GT wins
89 @GT GT wins
88 @GA Dawgs win
87 @GT Dawgs win
86 @GA Dawgs win

85 @GT Jackets win in black jerseys & white pants
84 @GA Jackets win
83 @GT Dawgs win
82 @GA Dawgs win
81 @GT Dawgs win in white jerseys (GT wore black)
80 @GA Dawgs win

79 @GT Jackets win
78 @GA Dawgs win
77 @GT Jackets win

In 1969 Tech wore gold jerseys and UGA wore red jerseys.

65-41-5 UGA leads the series
27-26-5 GT led before Dooley took over at UGA.
39-15 UGA since 1964
12-10 Bobby Dodd
19-6 Vince Dooley
13-2 Mark Richt
3-6 Paul Johnson

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