Saturday, July 28, 2018

Late Night Avett Brothers

When the game ended (at 10:30 pm) many of the fans moved down to the seats between the baselines. Anna and Matthew found us seats behind the first base dugout.
The stage was rolled through the centerfield gate to short centerfield, and a fence was erected so fans could come out on the infield dirt in front of the stage.
Anna’s friend messaged her: she had an extra field pass,
so off Anna went to join the fans on the field.
The concert began shortly before 11 pm. Great music. Ceil and M stood. I sat so the shorter ladies behind us could see. I enjoyed the music and videotaped two or three of the familiar songs from my seat, and also edited the pictures I had taken throughout the evening.
At one point as he sang, Seth Avett hopped off the stage, ran through the outfield grass, and hopped up on the railing by the seats.
He made his way toward the dugout, and soon he was standing right in front of us. A big stage hand jogged after the singer, and held him up as the singer stood on the rail.
Reminded me of the time Jon Foreman of Switchfoot did the same thing a few years ago – and looked to me to hold him up on the rail. That's me in the purple shirt holding up Jon in the video. 

It was after midnight when the band came out for an encore.
They played three or four more songs,
and the concert finally ended around 12:30 am.
Anna bounded up from the field,
and we walked back across the pedestrian bridge to the car.
Traffic wasn’t bad going home, but it was well after 1 am before I got to bed. Woke up just after 6 am, stopped by McDonalds on the way to work, and made it in a little later than usual: just before 7:30 am.    

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