Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Rattlesnake Pasta

Friday we got back in time to pick up Barney at the kennel. He was glad to see us. Anna and I went to get him. It was hot and he was panting so we blasted the AC on the way home. You could tell he was tired from the week. Friday night I noticed he was sleeping downstairs, which is where he sleeps when he is really tired. But when that bad thunderstorm blew through he came upstairs and jumped in bed.
Friday night Ceil and Anna had to take something back to the Avalon. Anna met Emily at the new Chuys there for dinner, then she drove back to Athens. After the long drive I didn’t do too much the rest of the evening. Watched the British Open.
Late Saturday morning we drove down to Howell Mill to pick up my car. We took Barney and let him play with Okie for a while. When we got back Ceil had to go off and buy something that was on clearance – plates. At 2 pm I drove out to Gwinnett for the Stripers game. Beautiful weather. Traffic wasn’t too bad. Stopped at Taco Bell on the way home.
Sunday morning a bobblehead friend was driving through town on the way from Myrtle Beach to Gulf Shores – an eleven hour trip. He had bobbles to drop off in Atlanta and people had given me parts to give to him. Met him down at old Turner Field. The football stadium looked good but the parking lots had debris and weeds growing in them. They’re supposed to build a shopping center there. They’re working on something, but they haven’t started on the Georgia State baseball stadium yet.
Stopped by Taco Bell again and several thrift stores. At one Goodwill they came on the loudspeakers and made an announcement – there was a little 2 year old boy who had lost his parents. It took five minutes and two more announcements before the boy was claimed. I couldn’t believe it took so long.
After church Ceil stopped by Publix and Whole Foods. We ate baked chicken and grilled vegetables. Watched more British Open, then I went outside to cut grass. Took Ceil to Trader Joes to get pancake mix. Later I delivered a bobblehead to Smryna.
Catching up at work. Already got my in box down to 17 emails, but I have eight emails I have to work on. We have a new team member who started work today. She has 38 years of customer service experience in an environment similar to ours, so she should work out good. We had a longer than usual morning meeting.

J Christopher’s was good last night. We had a group of eleven for dinner – the team plus Kevin and Eric. I sat at a corner table with Brad, Jeff, Kevin, young Rachel, new Rachel, and Angie. Probably should’ve ordered something better than the Southern Chicken Salad, but it was good. The chicken was so tender. The croutons were a full one inch square, still warm, with a crust but a tasty soft middle. I had to cut the crouton with a knife. For appetizers we had cheese dip and chips, as well as calamari. I ate my share of the calamari.  
Young Rachel ordered the Rattlesnake Pasta. I told her the last time I was there I ordered the rattlesnake pasta and the waiter looked hesitant. He started to say “I’m sorry sir, but…” and I interrupted him – “Ah ha! You’re out of rattlesnake, aren’t you?” The waiter replied “Actually, I’m sorry to say - we’re fresh out of pasta!”
After dinner I had to scoot back to the office for 20 minutes. Got home at nine, just before the rain hit. Barney has finally started to eat again, but he’s still sleeping on the floor, instead of jumping on the bed. It was pouring down rain when I took him outside last night. Usually in the rain the trees block most of the rain, but last night I used an umbrella.
Yesterday was our new team member’s first day, so training New Rachel has slowed down my other work. We went on a plant tour, plus I had to inspect some material. It was hot, and we were outside a long time. She was asking a lot of questions. When we got back my hair was a mess from the hardhat. When I washed my hands at first I thought I had splashed water from the sink onto my shirt. Then I realized my shirt was soaked with sweat. Then we had to go eat with the VP at the nice restaurant. Luckily I had time to cool off and fix my hair.
Joel Norman’s new business Bellwood Coffee is now fully funded – they were able to raise over $20,000.00 in a little over a week.
Shoot the Braves need relievers even worse than they need anything else. Hopefully sooner than later but surely by the end of the month. I hear there’s a reliever in Baltimore they might get. The Braves don’t mind giving up a prospect or two but want a reliever that won’t be a free agent in two months in return.

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