Saturday, February 16, 2019

Cumming's Bell Research Center

Photos from the Bell Research Center in Cumming,
which is loaded with interesting memorabilia.
Co-founder Frank Clark emailed me with a few corrections on my Crackers writeup, and added the following comments:
I have a lot of fun doing these programs. The topic can be anything from local history to American history. The people seem to most enjoy the local history. People with more interest can get "The Crackers: Early Days of Atlanta Baseball" by Tim Darnell. Most of what I covered is in there somewhere. Also there are a number of web sites concerning the Crackers although they often cannibalize each other.
We moved from the Historic Schoolhouse 2 years ago. The building we now occupy is 101 Atlanta Road. If the building is historic it is because many older residents remember it as the old Pool Hall.
Age of Atlanta: it depends on what you deem the origin of the city of Atlanta. Cumming was officially 1 year old when the first settler showed up in what was to become Atlanta. His name was Hardy Ivy and he is preserved in the form of Ivy Street. A rail line was approved in 1836 and built in 1838. The first lots were sold in 1839 for a town then called "Terminus." Being the terminal of the railroad.   

In 1843 it was renamed "Marthasville" for the young daughter of Governor Lumpkin. In 1847 it finally received its name, "Atlanta." So choose your dates. Technically it would be 15 years older than "Atlanta."
They have these "lectures" on the 2nd Monday of the month. On the 4th Monday we have a guest lecturer usually speaking on the War Between the States. The public is invited to both. The best way to see what is upcoming is to go to our Facebook page - Bell Research Center. The web site is wayyyyyyyy behind. I have to get the "keys" and remedy that.

Check out the Bell Center's informative website:
Frank Clark's email: 

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