Thursday, August 08, 2019

The 1942 Rose Bowl

After the attack on Pearl Harbor the 1942 Rose Bowl was moved to Durham NC. The book "Fields of Battle" recounts the game and what happened to the players. The only Rose Bowl held outside California.
56000 attendance
7384 mile round trip train ride by the Beavers
4.40 cost of a ticket, though scalper got up to $15.00
29 of the 31 Oregon State players served in the military.
49 age of Duke head coach Wallace Wade when he enlisted, just weeks after the game.
17 hours that Duke's Charles Haynes lay bleeding on a hillside in Italy in 1944 until Oregon State's Frank parker saved him.
95 age of Duke end Jim Smith in 2017, the last living player from the game.
04 players from the game who were killed in WWII
01 Japanese-American, Oregon State's DB Jack Yoshihara, who was prohibited from traveling with his team to the game.    
I used to have Fitbits to count my steps but they kept breaking. I liked how it monitored my sleep. Got an Apple Watch and love it. Counts steps, monitors heartbeat and exercise, can use as a phone, alarm. Receive texts messages and other updates. I always know when a Braves game starts and finishes because my watch buzzes. I recently added a sleep tracker, which monitors how long I sleep, quality sleep, deep sleep, and how much my heart rate slows during sleep. Fun to check every day. For runs it measures heart rate, temperature, laps, time per miles, steps, distance, etc.
Remembering the time we were coming back from Myrtle Beach in 94 or 95. Will was little and we were in our red VW Jetta with the red-trimmed teardrop aluminum alloy wheels. When we bought the car the dealer offered a regular blue Jetta, or the shiney red Wolfsburg edition at the same price. On the way back from the beach we pass this interesting looking factory out in the middle of farm country between Frances Marion University and Florence SC. I had my head turned looking at the factory and ran both drivers side tires over a median – not only flattening both tires but bending the two aluminum alloy wheels. Two flat tires in July, on a Saturday in the middle of nowhere with a one or two year old.
Luckily Ceil's brother was driving behind us. He took Ceil and Will, while I stayed with the car in the heat. Took hours to get it fixed. I think we limped back to Jefferson that night, got two cheap wheels to get us back to Atlanta. Then I had to get two new wheels from the dealer. BRUTAL!!!
SPdL is adding a new 4 pm service, led by assistant pastor Josh Scott. Drew Kelly posted that he had enjoyed hearing the new SPdL minister of music speak last night. Perhaps things are on the uptick at SPdL.
Next Wednesday I'm going to the Braves game with Rob Suggs and his son. Should be fun. Been awhile since we have caught up. His son has been to SunTrust Park but not Rob.
Left work Wednesday not too long after 5 pm. Drove straight home. Had everyone home for dinner. Ceil grilled burgers and chicken. Tossed salad and her hot potato salad. Homemade apple pie and ice cream for dessert. We had also had apple pie and ice cream at work earlier in the afternoon.
W&MC closed on their house this afternoon. The inspections and negotiations weren't fun. They'll spend their free time to paint the windows and refinished the wood floors before they move in. I'd imagine they'll try to move by the end of the month. The house is on Stafford Street SW in Mozeley Park: across from the corner of Jasper Street, just north of I-20, just south of MLK Blvd, west of Mercedes Benz Stadium and the Atlanta University Complex, just southwest of the Roosevelt High football stadium.
BIRDIE TEBBETTS  [SABR Bio] is the only MLB manager born in the state of Vermont - B. 10-Nov-1912 in Burlington, Vermont. He was the first Vermont native to receive Hall of Fame votes - got 8 votes in 1958. He was once knocked out by a basket of produce. A basket of produce was thrown from the upper deck during the DET/CLE G on 27‑Sep‑1940. Tebbetts did not get into the game. .He became a Millionaire as a child. He was the mascot for the minor league Nashua Millionaires.
Eleven habits that dull you creativity, by Alli Hoff Kosik.
1. Browsing too much social media (guilty)
2. Mixing free time with creative time.
3. Putting up with too many noises.
4. Working at your desk (disagree?).
5. Not laughing enough.
6. Doing too much research.
7. Eating a heavy lunch (guilty).
8. Taking the same route home every day.
9. Scheduling back to back meetings.
10. Eating out too much.
11. Constantly working under tight deadlines.
Five overrated email phrases to stop using, and what to say instead:
1. "I'd love to pick your brain." Instead just ask for help.
2. "Hey there." More professional to address the person by name, so you don't sound like a mass email. Shows more respect.
3. "I thought I would reach out because…" A weak phrase. Unneeded. Get to the point and be clear and concise.
4. "To whom it may concern." Better to address someone by name, even if it's the wrong person.
5. "See below." Instead describe the attachment or what is below.

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