Thursday, June 21, 2007

Grady Visit

Last night Anna, Matthew, and I took Ceil downtown to visit a friend in Grady…she has no health insurance (she’s getting better, they thought she might’ve had a stroke). We hit Northside Drive at 7:25 and ran into worse than usual traffic…I’d been expecting it to be bad due to the game, but it was worse than I thought. We dropped Ceil off and went to the Varsity. Usually they rush you through (or they did in the old days), but last night service was slow. So I listened to that first inning on the radio…Skip was put out by ESPN’s long commercial breaks.

Will got home around 11:45…I noticed the game ended around 10:15, I think. He said he won a HR derby at camp, but I don’t know if that was a big deal or not. When they took out James the other night, I checked the inning, thinking whether it was a quality start.

For a few years, due to what day July started, we were going to MB the week after July 4th, during the All-Star game. So the in-laws wouldn’t come for Will’s birthday, since they’d be seeing us in a day or two. There was also a big July 4th cookout they didn’t want to miss. But this year we got it back to the week after the All-Star game, which is better for everyone. The Pelicans aren’t in town that week, though.

I’m a sucker for the baseball all-star game, and the Monday night stuff. Watching it at home will be better for me, though I’ll be less productive. Guess I’ll do laundry those nights. I like the NBA all-star game and the night before stuff, even though it’s not real basketball.

We are having company for the 4th…Ceil’s old roommate. Her husband and 15-year old son are running the Peachtree with me and Will…so I may not be able to stop at SPdL this year (I need the rest!).

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