Friday, June 22, 2007

Hawks Drafting Horford?

With a paper in the office, I had just read the Bradley article this morning. One reason I read it was because both SI Kids (a few weeks ago) and now SI project the Hawks to pick Horford. Basketball is Bradley’s sport, so he’s a little more credible when he writes about it. Conley is supposedly not a number 3 pick, and Bradley explains why Conley wouldn’t be a good pick at three. Crittenton appears to have a good head on his shoulders, and Conley and the Texas A&M guy have more experience…all three could still be available when the next pick comes around. Josh Smith could blossom into a star, or he could be like Andruw…where people wonder if he’s getting the most from his talent. If we get Horford, that kinda blows the Sheldon Williams pick…but perhaps Horford is the best choice.

Sunday the Hawks debut their new uniforms, according to today’s Uni-Watch column.

Nice pitching matchup tonight. Though I’m taking Will on Monday, Matthew probably isn’t going because Will’s taking a bunch of friends. I haven’t ruled out the Sunday night game, because it will be one of Matthew’s few chances to see the Tigers. I took Will to see them several years ago, when Fick was playing for them.

The Chris Drury article was another good one from SI. I used to read them cover to cover…in college I’d read the whole thing the day it came. When I started working I finally subscribed, instead of reading the copy at Tech. Since them I’ve saved every copy. Since we’ve had kids I haven’t been reading everything…particularly hockey, horse-racing, boxing, and auto-racing. But I will read an article about a big personality in one of those sports. I’ve been doing a better job of ‘finishing’ an issue lately, but I’ve still got a few piled up. I’ll take a bunch to the beach.

Will did not win the HR derby…he only hit one, as did his friend Zach. Twelve-year olds only had to hit it into the outfield grass for a home run. He did win a fielding competition, where to advance to the next round you had to field more balls than you opponent without making an error. Then last night at practice his travel team had a HR derby on their big field…hitting from the second-base side of the pitcher’s mound. Only two homered…Will had six, another boy had five.

Sometimes I think I should go back and become an accountant…how much schooling would that take? I really only took accounting when I was at Dekalb, I think…the two quarters I went there when I flunked out of Tech. I made A’s in the accounting classes without much problem, which was good for me…I was never a great student. Our Accounting department will be moving to Chicago eventually…within the next two years, but perhaps it’s still something I should look in to.

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