Monday, April 21, 2008

Matthew's Saturday Game

We got to Matthew’s Saturday game in time for him to take some cuts in the batting cage, and he was hitting well. I thought nothing was unusual when he sat with a few teammates as others warmed up their arms. But then he came up to me, saying he didn’t feel well. I encouraged him to give it a try, and he started the game in rightfield. Matthew chased a hard grounder into the corner near the fence, and quickly threw in to the cutoff man, who wheeled and fired home in time to nail the batter at the plate. But Matthew came off the field almost in tears, he felt so bad, and Ceil took him home...perhaps a stomach virus.

I’m glad I stuck around, as the Rockies came back to make a game of it. Then the Pirates loaded the bases with no out, and the Rockies turned a triple play. Cameron caught a soft pop near first, and threw to shortstop Daniel to double off the runner at second. Daniel then threw home to catcher Stephen, who easily tagged out the runner trying to score from third.

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