Monday, April 21, 2008

Will's Friday & Saturday Doubleheaders

Here’s a recap of Will’s Friday and Saturday baseball games


Friday afternoon the NCA Lions split a doubleheader. Will played second-base in the first game and was the starting pitcher in the nightcap. He got several hits in the two games.


After Matthew’s Saturday game I hustled to the car and sped the 50 miles south to Stockbridge, making it in time to see the last out in the bottom of the first. The Wildcats had jumped out to a 6 – 0 lead over the Yankees, and won the four inning game 6 – 4. Will walked twice, once with the bases loaded, and stole two bases.

Will started the game at shortstop and made a great relay to save a run. On a single to right the runner from second tried to score. The throw came in off-line, toward Will. He caught it, wheeled, and threw an off-balance, sidearm throw just in time to nail the runner at the plate. Later he had two putouts at first base.


Next the Wildcats beat the Cobras 8 – 4. Will pitched a scoreless first inning, then caught the rest of the game. He made a putout at home, completing a fifth-inning double-play.

Will thought he did poorly at the plate, though he was actually as productive as anyone…

…in the first he had an RBI groundout.

…he had a scalding line drive in the fourth inning, but right at the shortstop.

…the centerfielder couldn’t catch Will’s deep fly in the sixth, allowing Audie to score. Will then stole third and scored on a grounder to the pitcher.

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