Monday, April 07, 2008

Weekend Ups and Downs

Friday I left work at 9:45 am, only to find out shortly afterwards the Huntsville game was rained out. It gave Ceil a break, and I spent some needed time with Matthew…we ate lunch at Moes, went to the pet store, and caught the 2:45 showing of Alvin and the Chipmunks. That night we all went back to see National Treasure 2.

Saturday Will and I left a 7 am, picking up DJ’s big brother Ben for the drive to Huntsville for games with his high school team. The game was delayed until 1 pm Alabama time. Game one was tied three-all when Will hit a 2-run HR…he had a big smile on his face rounding the bases. That put them ahead to stay, and they won 8 – 4. It was his first High School home run, and the first one I had seen hit by anyone on his team this spring.

In game two Will was moved up to 6th in the order, and went 4 – 4 with a ground-rule double. They were winning going to the bottom of the sixth, then the opposition scored seven, earning a split of the DH. Will played second-base in game one, relegating his friend Isaac to the bench. He pitched the first inning of game 2, then played centerfield the rest of the way.

Once Will was on third with two out. He would take a huge running lead trying to distract the pitcher, who paid him no attention. So with a 2 – 2 count he took off on a steal of home. He appeared to slide in under the catcher’s tag…but the left-handed batter had swung and missed for strike three…ending the inning.

Another time he slid into second on a double play ball and spiked the second-baseman. The fielder was hurt, but he stayed in the game. Will’s coach gave him five as Will ran off the field. Later in the game Will slid into second on a similar play…perhaps making the fielder think twice, and the batter was safe at first.

Afterward eleven of us ate at the Huntsville Ryan’s before heading back to Atlanta, and we didn’t get home until after 1 am.

Sunday Ceil and Anna went to church, and on the way home a van turned in front of her. Ceil couldn’t possibly stop, and smashed into the van. That van spun around and hit another van. Ceil and Anna are ok, just a little sore. I made sure their soreness was noted on the accident report. The van is probably totaled.

That delayed our Macon trip, but we were able to get my parent’s large yard mowed, a big flower bed weeded, and the gutters and roof cleaned…but it was after 11 pm before we got home. Now I’m exhausted, with lots to do here at work and at home.

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