Friday, April 18, 2008


At work we had a young girl down from Chicago this week. Co-worker / Lindburgh resident Randy usually takes care of her, since they don’t let her rent a car. Randy went out of town, so the task fell to me. Last night Ceil and I took her to Nuevo Laredo Cantina and had a good time. The kids enjoyed being home alone…Ceil had picked up dinner for them at Moes, after hitting IKEA during Anna’s ballet session.

Will is playing Friday afternoon, his team just tied the game. Tomorrow’s DH is at Stockbridge High School…Sunday too.

I missed last night’s Braves game. Sounded nice…we’ll miss Moylan. Hopefully Mike Gonzalez will fill that spot. Think Cox overuses certain relievers?

Anna is looking forward to being a babysitter. She competes with Will in the neighborhood for pet-sitting duties.

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