Saturday, May 24, 2008


Never had a good number until I started liking Jim Kiick. As a junior I finagled number 21 and wore it a lot ever since. Didn’t ask for it at the Cubs camp because I wasn’t a Sosa fan…it was just before he really got big, if you know what I mean. Took 23 for Sandberg, but then they put our names on the back, when the real Cubs didn’t wear names. When Will was younger he tried 3, 7, and 13, but has settled on 5…not a bad number.

Whoever that is wearing 4 for the Braves looks good in the number, similar to when Blauser wore it. Javy looked good in 8, but chubbier guys don’t look as good. Eleven is a good number…Sheffield looked good in it, but others not as well. I’m not a fan at all of 1 or 2. One is ok in baseball, not football. I wish Matt Ryan weren’t 2…what great football player was two? Farve was the first ever good number four…in football.

Terrance Moore just doesn’t care what people thing about him…that’s probably good for a columnist. Of course Matt Ryan must prove himself…doesn’t everyone? No one is worth the money. Then he comes back and compares Chipper to Mantle.

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