Saturday, May 17, 2008

Welcome Facebook Readers

I missed my high school reunion last fall, but was able to view pictures of the event by signing up for Facebook. Now Will and many of his Living Science friends are into the craze, so Will invited me to be his friend. When I accepted and set up my profile, several of his friends asked me to be thier friends.

As a comparitively old geezer, it appears to me one of the things a Facebook user does is broaden his/her network by gaining as many friends as possible. I can handle that...I can accept any friendships to give these users more friends. Other than that, I doubt I'll be much of a Facebook dude.

One thing I may be is put a link to this blog on my Facebook page, giving Will's friends a chance to read my recaps of Living Science events, Flight basketball games, and Will's baseball games. These I write to fill grandparents in on thier grandchild's activities. Also posted here are various photos, as well as email texts of day to day events in my life, and the Murphy household. You'll find that shoes and baseball are ongoing themes in this blog.

Welcome, new readers. Be sure to leave any messages/comments/critiques. Use the search engine to find Senior Retreat and Expedition recaps.

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