Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Basketball Jones

Will started the second straight JV game and showed good hustle, grabbing a few rebounds and steals. His contributions are outweighing his turnovers. The coach rarely plays his best 5 together, though DJ (23 points) and Connor (24) did play some together. The girls lost, but the boys varsity blew out a rival.

I was watching Will play ultimate and football on the retreat, and it’s similar with him in basketball, like inbounding the ball…when people are covered, he waits too long, looking for the perfect pass. He wants to score on every pass. Or he’ll quickly make an immediate pass, with mixed results. Last night he got a rebound out near the wing, and immediately whipped a pass back toward the foul line. It was intercepted, giving the guy an easy shot.

In baseball he instinctively knows where to throw the ball, often times amazing me…with eyes in the back of his head. He almost never throws to the wrong base, or tries to make an impossible play…though he makes many remarkable plays.

Will does not at all mind being a role player, or sitting on the bench for long stretches. I’m sure the coach loves the way he hustles and goes all out. Other less-talented boys and girls last night were attempting things against more talented opponents, with predictable results…air balls and turnovers. Will knows his limits, for the most part…BUT supposedly in Chattanooga Saturday he made a jumper from just inside the 3-point line. Last night he attempted another, and missed.

Connor’s dad gets more excited than I do at baseball games….critiquing his son like I critique Will in baseball. Conner did ten things right for every one pass that was just short of being perfect. I know how Mr. Smith feels. Like most other baseball parents, it’s relaxing/enjoyable watching basketball games for me.

We’ve been Costco members in the past, but based on what we buy, sometimes I wonder if we really save. Monique here at work says the staples…milk, eggs, etc are cheaper at Costco, but I’m with you. Once I bought a 2-year supply of Sudafed and razors…never again.

Andruw wouldn’t mind finishing his career with the Braves. Hopefully that doesn’t come to pass.

Ceil just turned 50, so perhaps we’ll join AARP. Last night a cashier asked me if I got the senior discount, which I didn’t mind…until she went to the detail that the discount starts at 55!

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