Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Basketball Marvel

Often times when writing about one of Will’s friends I’ll add a description, to perhaps help you remember that person…like ”slugging catcher” Andrew. Last fall I’d prefaced DJ with “basketball marvel” in an email recapping last year’s retreat. Last week I dug out that recap and posted it on Facebook, after getting a big response from this year’s retreat recap. Normally reserved, DJ commented on my post, loving the “Marvel” nickname. Tuesday I was sure to add the Marvel nickname in my game recap, saying DJ’s game was off due to a wrist injury (though he still scored 23 in 3 quarters). DJ told the world that the Marvel would be back in force for Friday’s game.

Ceil and Matthew may be getting sick, and I’ve been having headaches all week.

Martha in Purchasing celebrated her 35th work anniversary yesterday. She’d been with a company we’d bought, working in the office near Cumberland Mall. Now she’s over here. For the last few years she’s been a great help to me, but 99% of the time we communicate exclusively by email. She’s been here in our Norcross office for a year or two, but I’d always forget to go meet her. So yesterday’s gathering was only the 2nd or 3rd time I’d ever spoken to her face to face. I made a point to drive over since she’s such a big help. As many from the Cumberland office came that could (2 of the 3).

When Reid’s vacation recap came I was rushed with getting ready for company. I’d been busy at work, and today am finally catching up, and came across the recap…great stuff! It’s funny how he remembers / records exactly the same kind of stuff that I do. That makes it all the more interesting to read. It’s fun for me to go back years later to read and relive stuff I’ve done.

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