Wednesday, December 17, 2008

George Ewing: Basketball Player

Will had practice last night…DJ’s older brother and some college guys scrimmaged the varsity, so it was entertaining. George Ewing played…I had never seen him play basketball, and he was pretty good…converted some fast-break alley-oops and almost dunked. I had no idea he was such an athlete. On the 30th they’re having a father-son game.

Was hoping to get caught up in this slow period, but am making little progress.

Furcal…guess the agent just publicly played the Braves against LA?

The business of Christmas always bogs Ceil down as well. The Christmas Card task usually falls to me. We’ll see if we ever get a photo made. Would help if I got off Blogspot / Facebook / Rowland’s Office / Uniwatch /, huh?

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