Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Road Warriors

Left work at 4:35 yesterday and took 285 around to Douglasville for Will's game...a 50 mile trip. Traffic was terrible and I arrived at halftime. It was a blowout. All the young guys got lots of playing time, and there were plenty of blocked shots. Joel hit a three...Will tried one and missed. Both made other nice baskets.
The varsity girls lost, but Kara had 18. It was the first time I thought I might've coached it differently...Flight wasn't playing the five best ball-handlers to break the press. Kara should've been the third ball-handling option breaking the press. One girl kept turning the ball over, frustrating the two main ball-handlers. All three refs were terrible in both varsity games.
The varsity boys won big, but it wasn't as easy as the score indicated. DJ had 16. We got home at 11:00 pm. I'm getting better at note taking during the the game goes on, I keep the running score and list chronologically who does what. Then at the end of each quarter I quickly tabulate stats by player, so 2 minutes after the game's over I'm finished with all the stats...points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks.
Braves...It would be good if Kelly Johnson were moved...he'd be a good piece of a trade. Seems like he was always a decent hitter in need of a position. It would be great to get Ludwig from the Cards. Vasquez was a good deal to me'll be fun to track Flowers. You wonder if the Peavy deal may come back to life. Perhaps the Padres will wait until July.

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