Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Turkey Day, etc.

Had spaghetti on Thursday, and Turkey Friday. Plenty of leftovers Saturday. As always, I ate too much. The weather was great Thursday and Friday, and Matthew loved exploring the wooded properties owned by Ceil’s family. Will went to the Clemson/SC game. I stayed home and stayed on-line the entire day, catching up on various stuff, and got to watch the GT/UGA game.

Watched the Maravich video again. Will loved it and was telling his cousin, who has to top everything. He bragged that his Grandfather Donnie was a better basketball player because he outscored Pete in ONE of the games were they faced off…when Donnie was a senior and Pete a freshman. Even Ben knew that was a stretch. Donnie is a great guy, and has told me about playing Pete (Anderson High vs. Clemson High). He never mentioned outscoring him, though it could’ve happened.

Got to watch most of the Detroit game and plenty of the Dallas game. Lots of the Clemson game, and some Bama/Auburn and FSU/Florida. Saw Erin interview Fulmer before the half. Did I tell you I saw her interview Miami’s Randy Shannon before the half of the GT game, so I knew to look for her after the half interviewing GT’s Johnson…but I guess he gave her the slip, because she was turning her head looking around. Then she wandered behind the GT bench. Herbstreet has been saying nice things about Paul Johnson, on 680. Saw David Pollock on the CBS SEC Postgame Show. He was the only class guy…the other two were bozos.

Last Wednesday we didn’t leave til 5:30, so we stopped at Chickfila before getting on the Interstate. 85 was bumper to bumper both ways from Duluth to the SC line. Sunday didn’t start good but wasn’t terrible…20 was jammed east of Columbia, and Augusta was slow due to construction. Then from Conyers to 285 it was slow, but I’ve seen worse. Sunday we got home in time to see most of the Falcons.

Brought back an exercise machine, and I’ve used it both days.

Had Hampton re-signed with the Braves, there would’ve been an outcry that we were spending too much on an oft-injured pitcher. He shouldn’t have brought up the kids, but can you blame him for wanting a fresh start? It’s a business. What should he have done? What would I have done? Sometimes in the middle of a crisis people don’t always make the best decisions. Writers and talk-show hosts need fodder, and Hampton is an easy target. I’m much too logical for those debates, that are concocted to inspire reaction and emotion.

Can’t believe Oklahoma jumped Texas, and the illogical Big 12 tie-breaker. Guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Dabo Sweeney has a lot of energy, the fans and players like him. Probably a better move than bringing in somebody. They couldn’t get the most elite coach, so they would’ve overpaid someone second-tier and put unrealistic expectations on him. Hopefully Dabo can fly under the radar, but he’s losing a decent QB, RB, and receiver.

At best we’ve spent one Christmas morning in Atlanta. I don’t think we ever went to that SPdL Christmas Eve service. Before I was married I’d always go home to Macon.

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