Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Maddux Retires, and the Weekend

Any comment on the Maddux retirement? Lots of accolades on, and more on We may have known him too well. Verducci’s column was interesting on SI, without stats. Always a favorite of mine.

Last week, instead of talking the van to the shop, I took it to AutoZone to get the codes read. It was skipping and bucking, especially at lights. It needed a sensor, and the ones at the auto parts stores didn’t fit. Had to pay slightly more at Mazda. It’s not running any better…

Friday C was bringing A over near work for a sleepover, so we met and ate at the Moe’s in the Forum on Ptree Indl. Afterward I took C to Perimeter Mall.

Saturday M and I went back to Ptree Corners to get Anna, and stopped by Kroger on the way home. M wanted to go because the younger sister was in his class. Saw parts of the ACC game.

Will woke up sick, but begged to go to his game…a 55 – 2 pasting. Could’ve easily been a shutout…could’ve easily scored 100. The Coach played the worst five…even Connor didn’t score. Will made a three, as did the center, Josh…and young Ethan. Most were passes inside to players cutting to the basket. (a tough game to be at the scorer’s table, next to the other team’s scorer). I let W stay for the varsity games, so he came home feeling worse. He slept most of Sunday, and didn’t do to class Monday.

Saw the second half of the SEC and parts of the Big Ten. I like Tebow better than the OK QB (or Missouri or Texas or Texas Tech). Did the OK QB not run up his stats in the 4th quarter of blowouts? Tebow was pulled from Florida blowouts after 3 quarters…and only trailed 47 – 40 in TD’s going into the weekend.

Sunday M went with me to the service to see his hero, Steve Fee, the young North Point worship leader. When we entered the side door, we passed him going to look for someone. Afterwards Matthew, Anna, and I stopped at Kroger again. After lunch the Falcons didn’t look into the game…the first play I saw was that terrible interception.

I napped, Ceil ran an errand. Then we helped M and A work on school projects…both have big presentations tomorrow. A and I finished her presentation board, and M almost finished his speech. Monday night we swap…I’ll be helping M with his board. It’s on Tarantulas…did I mention we found some great old movie posters to print off the internet?

Will has games Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Two are rematches against lesser opponents, so Will should get lots of playing time.

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