Thursday, May 13, 2010

First Loss

Will’s ECB Rays lost last night at Kell HS. The Rangers had recruited Will and got Audie. They scored seven in the first off Ryan T, then six in the third off Michael. The Rays chipped at the lead, making the 13-9 final score somewhat respectable.

Will played third and misplayed his only chance, a tough between-hop grounder he should’ve charged. He walked twice and grounded into two fielder’s choices, scoring one run. Ryan G had a tough game catching, throwing high on three stolen base attempts, and dropping a throw to the plate. He did get two hits.

Yesterday I wrote that long piece about Will’s spring team, to blow off steam. The coach’s freshman son, who mainly platooned in rightfield, was given the “best hitter” and “best fielder” award, because he had the highest batting average and made the least errors. His dad kept the scorebook all year, which apparently didn’t agree with mine.

The Braves finally rolled off a couple of wins. Hopefully they can keep it up against a tough pitcher this afternoon.

See any of the Braves game Sunday? Pitcher KK batted with no out and a runner on first. He bunted, too hard, and the pitcher wheeled and threw to second, starting a DP. During the replay, the Braves announcers said something about “giving it a three” then the other said “I gave it a four.” Hear that? What were they talking about? Any idea?

It does seem like Andy repeatedly hits on what could be called the basics, the stuff that people most need to hear. Probably has to do with so many new people coming in. Something said two years ago hasn’t been heard by a good portion of the crowd.

After working with teens from 82-93, I was ready for a break. Now I really enjoy being back working with the Living Science kids. They’re certainly different, and sometimes supervising them in hotel rooms can be an adventure.

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