Monday, May 17, 2010

Spring Recital, Etc.

Busy weekend. Friday Matthew, my mother in law, and I went to O’Charleys to meet Will and my father in law, coming from batting practice. Afterward I took my mother in law up to Anna’s dress rehearsal.

Rain put off Will’s morning game until the afternoon, so we all went to Anna’s 10 am recital. I got to visit for a long time beforehand with the Freunds. Chris has just graduated from nursing school, and Abby just finished her freshman year at Emory, on scholarship. Anna danced five dances, but I noticed she wasn’t in one particular dance that she did last year, that included girls older and younger than her. Things like that may be part of her frustration with ballet. She did have a dance solo in both recitals. Both sets of grandparents stayed for both morning and afternoon recitals.

Took Will home to get ready for his game, then realized his batbag was in his grandfather’s trunk, at ballet. So I dropped Will off at Walton and went back to get it. The grandparents didn’t miss much of Will’s first game, and both saw his shot high off the wall in right-center. Sunday I wrote a tourney recap, that’ll I’ll bless you with separately.

After game two the in-laws took C, A, and M to Olive Garden.

Missed church Sunday, and after the game I didn’t do much…watched the Braves, did some laundry, and went swimming with Matthew.

Will practices Thursday, and has games Tuesday, Friday, Saturday (two), and at least one Sunday. The Tuesday 5:30 game is at Sprayberry.

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