Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Baseball Roundup

Update of some of Will’s baseball teammates:

After one semester at UAB, Perry transferred to Covenant College, where he is the teammate of Braeden, Will’s other teammate. Perry has started all five games at third base and has one of the team’s two home runs (and the only triple). He has one of the lower batting averages (.263) and has made 3 errors (third base is tough).

Braeden has the team’s highest batting average (.571), going 4-7 (all singles). He has only started one game.   

Patrick is listed on the Shorter roster, but without a jersey number.

Holt enters UAB this fall on a baseball scholarship.

Monday morning I woke up with the pink eye. The eye drops I had at work were just the lubricate the eyes. On the way home I picked up some Visene at Kroger. Rented the latest Woody Allen movie. Didn’t feel that great, so I just laid around all evening. Kept falling asleep.

Got to work Tuesday morning and realized I’d left my glasses at home. I kept two backup pair in my car, but Ceil took my car. She keeps a pair of cheaters in the van, that got me through the day.

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