Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Knuckler

Enjoyed the new MLB Network show last night about the ex-QB's learning to throw the knuckleball, especially because ex-UGA QB David Greene is on the show. Greene didn't get much air time in the first episode. In fact, he was usually in the background. Perhaps the show was edited that way based on who gets voted off first.

The two with the worst knuckleballers, John David Booty and Ryan Perrilloux, got most of the air time. Doug Flutie got air time because he was the biggest star, and Josh Booty was shown because his brother was struggling. Hopefully Greene's career will be reviewed on a future episode and talk about how he won more games than any NCAA QB in history.

Tim Wakefield gets his day in the sun as the wise old knuckleballer. It would be nice if the story is told of how he was converted from an outfielder in the Pirates organization, then pitched an amazing number of innings in Pittsburgh's playoff runs in the early 90's.

RA Dickey made a cameo last night. It would be nice if Phil Niekro is able to make a cameo as well. Episode one will be shown at 9 pm and episode two airs at ten.

Earlier Wednesday evening SportsCenter promoted the show with a longer than usual segment on the knuckleball, highlighting the careers of Hoyt Wilhelm, Wilbur Wood, Niekro, Wakefield. and Dickey. Based on their above average success, the announcer wondered if the knuckleball needed to be outlawed, like the spitball.

No mention of Bob Uecker.

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