Monday, February 18, 2013

Duck Dynasty

We are settling into the habit of watching Friday night Duck Dynasty marathons. Great show. I was also reading about the show on the internet. Ceil was worn out from a busy day. Also watched a little of the NBA celebrity game, but I missed the rising stars game. Will came home from Athens and took Anna and Matthew with him up to Cartersville, for the fund-raising talent show ran by Mary-Clayton’s family. Thomas’s group won, singing a One Direction song. Afterward they went out to eat at Chili’s, so they didn’t get home until almost 1 am.

Saturday morning Will took Matthew mountain-biking up in Woodstock. Will said they rode over four miles on a tough course. It was nice that they did something together, and that Matthew was able to do something active. I got busy washing/drying/folding/putting away the mountains of laundry that seemed to be lying around everywhere. Ceil went to Lowes to get much needed outdoor lights…the ones we have hadn’t been replaced since we moved in almost twenty years ago.

Later in the afternoon Will went over to the Normans for Joel’s birthday. Anna drove over to Brittany’s to eat dinner and watch a movie. Ceil took Matthew down to the Center Stage Theater on West Peachtree in Midtown for the Fiction Family concert. They had a great time. Ceil sat on the side, but near the stage. She bought Matthew a T-shirt and probably a CD. Afterward they helped a college girl get her car un-booted, so they didn’t get home until after Anna and I had gone to bed. I didn’t do much, just laundry, a little of the NBA Skills Challenge, and the movie “Knight and Day” (not bad).

Sunday Will went to the 11 am service, ate lunch with Joel, and studied at Land of a Thousand Hills. Later Anna drove down to Passion Youth and the 4 pm service, then went to dinner and a movie with BFF’s Brittany and Emily. Matthew was worn out from his big Saturday, so I stayed home with him while Ceil went to the 4 pm. Sunday night Will and I watched the all star game. I took Matthew to Wal-Mart.

Will spent the night and didn’t go back to Athens until this morning. Ceil’s mom has been in and out of the hospital. M and A are off school this week, so they left for SC this morning.

I’m not a Millar fan either…he seems even goofier on this show. I ordered the Wakefield book off Amazon. I’m particularly interested in his minor league experience, and his first few years with the Pirates. Will watched some of the Knuckler on Saturday as well, and enjoyed it.

Nice that Uggla lost weight. Also nice that Freeman is feeling good. Interesting that they hang out together.

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