Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Books

Monday I checked out the book “The Boy Who Went to Heaven”, about a 6 year old in a coma for 2 months. He was in heaven the whole time. Jesus told him from the start that he would be healed and sent back. Different book than Heaven is for Real, though similar. Since I had my book, Ceil watched the movie The Proposal, with Sandra Bulloch. I recently learned that Bulloch originally turned down the “Blindside” role two times because she didn’t want to portray a Christian. Not sure what happened, but since the movie was so successful Bulloch has contributed to the charity run by the family portrayed in the movie. The Christian charity helps poor children. Also helped Anna with her school poster project.

My Wakefield book also arrived Monday. Phil Niekro wrote the introduction, and on the back cover there were nice tributes from Steven King, Carlton Fisk, Peter Gammons, and Bud Selig. You know that Fisk doesn’t gush about just everyone. When Wakefield set his juco HR record, the other big star in Florida that year was Tito Martinez. Finding Nemo is a good movie. SPdL would have those Family Fun Nights in the Fellowship Hall. I was still in college, but several of us students would come.

Friday night I picked up Matthew from his friend Daniel’s house. When I arrived at nine they had just started playing a game, so Daniel’s mom and I played the game with them, for over an hour. Saturday I did laundry. That night Matthew wanted to watch a movie (National Treasure, Book of Secrets), but it didn’t start until 11:15 pm. I wound up working on the computer until the movie went off at 2 am. That’s when I typed up that essay on Underground Church. You got it, didn’t you?

Sunday I watched a few innings of the Yankee/BlueJays game, and saw Granderson get hit and leave the game. Later on the radio Jim Powell said Granderson would be out until May. Those pitches on the hands can be dangerous. Then the Yankee pitcher hit the Toronto leadoff hitter with his second pitch of the game. The YES Network announcers (including Ken Singleton) said it wasn’t intentional, but I’m not sure. I listened to a good deal of the Braves game on the radio, on the way down to Buckhead. After we dropped the kids off I took Ceil to Lenox, and I stayed in the car and listened to the game. Jim Powell was really having to drag info out of Dale Murphy. They were responding to tweets during the broadcast…just not mine. After Murphy told a Vic Correll story, Powell mentioned that Faux Frank Wren had played on Correll’s farm in his youth.

See where the Hawks wore throwbacks from the Motombo era? I happened to click on the AJC photos. Also learned that Al Horford is married to the former Miss Universe and was going through the photos, and after photo four or five I realized they weren’t wearing their normal unis.

Passion is baptizing on March 17, and Matthew says he is game. I texted Will about it, but he might rather to get baptized at his church in Athens.

Good Friday: for years and years we would always go to SC for Easter. The past two years Ceil has wanted to stay in town and go to Easter Sunday services at PCC (we’ve never gone to the PCC Good Friday concert at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Alpharetta, which is usually packed). Another factor: A couple of weeks ago Ceil’s mom fell, and had to go to the hospital for a day or two. This was the third time this has happened. C, A, & M went up for a few days last week. In the next week or two Ceil’s mom has to go back in the hospital for a procedure, to mend a hole in her heart.

This past Friday Ceil’s mom bought Will an old Jeep Grand Cherokee, similar to the one Will has been driving (owned by Ceil’s dad). We’ll have to go up to SC to swap the Jeeps, perhaps when Ceil’s mom has the surgery. Maybe Will can swap the Jeeps during his spring break. Since we’re making these SC trips in February and March, that might be another reason we say home at Easter. Then Ceil might go up to SC during spring break week.

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