Monday, February 25, 2013

The Knuckler Part 3

As expected, David Greene and Josh Booty made it to the finals of The Knuckler. After hitting in the batting cages, the three QB's had a home run derby. The winner received a private lesson from Wakefield. After three warm-up pitches, they each got ten "outs"…anything other than a home run. Booty and Perrilloux each hit one dinger. Greene hit his first warm-up pitch out of the park, but none when it counted.

Old man Charlie Hough made an appearance, then hung around throughout the rest of the show. When Booty signed with the Marlins out of high school, he had met Hough. Charlie was probably a cheap guest, with probably lower travel expenses than a non-Floridian like Niekro. RA Dickey appeared via Skype.

Greene won the final challenge, giving up the fewest hits to Millar. Booty and Perrilloux were called in, and Wakefield gave Perrilloux the axe. Going into Thursday's finals, Booty is the odds on favorite to win.

Wednesday I worked late, then picked up a pizza at Kroger, something I shouldn't have done.

Saw a good movie Wednesday night: The Words. Interesting story, with a couple of mild twists at the end.

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