Tuesday, May 19, 2015

All In This Together

Monday night at 8 pm Anna watched the first ten minutes of High School Musical 2. It's my favorite of the trilogy, so I left it on while I worked on the computer even though Anna disappeared upstairs. Matthew watched about 15 minutes of the middle. These days there are so few musicals. All the singing and dancing is fun, and it doesn't take itself too seriously but doesn't drop down to be too campy. Last Thursday night Anna and Brittany watched HSM3.

People can't believe that I never watched Caddyshack. Some people have never seen Star Wars. Or Indiana Jones. I like to watch movies but often never get around to watching movies that I originally intended to. The new Bradley Cooper movie looks good. I am more of a romantic comedy guy than action movies, though I liked the Bruce Willis movie Reds.

Braves beat writer David O'Brien started following me on Twitter. He is a cool old dude into music and food and motorcycles as well as baseball. I'd like to think he'd appreciate my stream of consciousness tweets about a wide range of subjects. The subject had been Charlotte's new minor league ballpark with the great view of downtown, made possible to absolutely nothing in the outfield beyond the ten foot outfield wall - no scoreboard or stands. I replied that any bleachers or jumbotron would take away 3/4 of that view. I meant just a lower deck of stands would cut out much of the view, but he replied how several stadiums didn't have upper decks. I figured he was too busy for a long discussion so I let it go.

DOB often replies on Twitter to fans hitting him with ridiculous suggestions and questions, but also some posters that are in the know. I'd like to think mine was in the latter group. I checked and I don't think DOB follows my friend Rob, who replies to more of DOB's tweets than me. Rob does have more Twitter followers than me (122 to my 81) but he follows 376 accounts to my 44. The more people you follow the more followers you're likely to get, but I don't like to follow so many - I feel like I have to read every single tweet. DOB doesn't follow that many people (444 compared to the thousands who follow him) so I felt somewhat even more honored.

Fool me missed yesterday’s near no hitter. I met a guy at 2:05 near the Marietta Square and he said the Braves were already up 5-0. Matthew was with me so he was manning the radio. Didn’t see your text until I got home. Flipped on Braves Live and read the headline for the news. Heard Jerome jab Jordan about correctly pronouncing Foltynewicz. Now everyone’s talking about how great the Miller/Heyward trade was – except the one “Heyward heats up late” guy.

ROB: Heyward had a better May than his April.  I still think at the end of the year, the Cardinals will still be where the Braves were last year - wondering who and what Heyward is as a player.  I think it will be too big of a risk for a mid-market team to take.

ME: On the way home from the graduation Friday night a car had crashed into a tree at the Andretti Speedway. Anna was out late at a party, so we felt real good (not).  

Saturday M had to be at NPCC at 8:45 to sing in the school choir at graduation. Thought I’d need to pick him up at 12:15 but Ceil did the honors. Only then could I drive over to the Georgia State baseball game to get a Pounce bobblehead. Stuck around for warm-ups but left before the game started. Will and Anna and Joel drove downtown to show the Broadwell girls around. Emily was in town for a work convention and sister Rachel tagged along for fun. They were going to go to the Need to Breathe concert with Matthew but decided to just come for dinner. So all day long the plans kept changing, which is par for the course at our house.

I drove M to the Verizon Amphitheater for the concert. There was another wreck blocking Alpharetta Highway and Mansell just down from the Friday night wreck. Stopped by Kroger on the way home, and we ate spaghetti and meatballs, salad, and strawberry shortcake. Had a nice time catching up with the Broadwell girls. When I went to pick up M at 10:45 up on Highway 9, I could sit in my car and hear the concert from a mile away.   

Sunday there was a ton of laundry to do. Watched Steak Shapiro’s Atlanta Eats. Usually I’m busy and don’t watch. I wouldn’t want to eat at most of the restaurants they profile, places, but it’s nice to find out about places I didn’t know about. Worked on laundry until 1:30 then took M with me to run errands. Will studied all afternoon and evening. Anna went to one graduation party, then came home to take M to a second. Later A and M went to see a movie (Pitch Perfect 2) after I had cooked waffles, and Will went over to the Normans.

I’ve been reading Stephen King’s The Stand, so I watched part one of the 1994 miniseries on Netflix. Gary Sinese, Molly Ringwald, and young Rob Lowe. Another main character is a budding rock star. In his autobiography Lowe wrote about how they wanted him for the singer role but he chose the more demanding role of Nick, the deaf mute.

Cashed in my Amazon giftcards to order a Fitbit Charge. Soon I will know exactly how little exercise I am getting – and how poorly I am sleeping.

It was a traumatic event years ago when Anna wasn’t chosen for the elite dance academy in Lilburn. Would’ve been tough financially and logistically. Turned out to be great – she was tiring of ballet, needing more time to study, and it gave her time to develop her artistic abilities.   

My friend Rob has eaten at several places in that Avalon in Alpharetta. We've just been to El Felix (twice). Actually Anna and Matthew have probably eaten at more places there - the Avalon is one of their hangouts. On Wednesday both M and Anna have job interviews for El Felix. M is friends with the owner's son. They live in a beautiful house near Crabapple.  

Matthew had been into Legos for years and years. He has several Harry Potter sets that sat on a bookcase in the living room for months. The other day I was cleaning up and placed a chair in front of the bookcase. The next day I say in the chair to rest. I leaned back and the chair pushed into the bookcase - causing the large frame resting behind the legos to slide forward - pushing all the legos off the bookcase onto the floors - in a million pieces.

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