Saturday, May 09, 2015

End of an Era

Great article on the top ten moments on Letterman’s Late Show. Besides Letterman who do you like? Fallon is hilarious but I like Kimmel as well. I like Jon Stewart but am just so so about Colbert. That Late Night guy is making his mark getting guys like Tom Hanks and Arnold Schwarzenegger to act out every movie they’ve done in one shot. And Conan might inherit the goofy/weird title from Letterman. Fallon does so many funny things, but I’m not a fan of the thank you notes.

Will has been watching Seinfeld every chance he gets. I’ll have to tell him about Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, since Will is a coffee snob. Ceil has me hooked on The Middle, which is a little like my family’s life. Jerry Van Dyke sometimes appears as the father/grandfather, and recently Dick Van Dyke appeared as Jerry’s brother – the uncle everyone liked. Blackish is also funny.

I remembered what I did last Friday night. M and A went to the grocery store for ice cream. Ceil and I went over to our small group friend's house. Their son was taking the daughter of our other small group friends to prom. But we gathered to pray for the daughter's dad, who is leaving on an overseas mission trip to a country that doesn't allow missionaries.
Two more days of driving around everywhere on Monday and Tuesday, after what I'd already told you about Saturday and Sunday. Sunday night we took Anna's Jeep back to the shop to make sure it would pass emissions. Monday afternoon I left work at five to pick up the car before six. I paid for the Jeep and got the keys but left it at the shop in Roswell. C had to run to Kroger to cheese to make pizza. A was babysitting. M needed help in math, but waiting until after eating his usual one slice of pizza to get ready to go for math help. That meant his usual 30 minute shower. Math help was of course in Cumming, so I didn't get home until 9:45. On the way back through Roswell I swapped cars: picking up A's Jeep and leaving mine for repair. At ten I watched the David Letterman special, which was great.

Tuesday I drove the Jeep to work. Ceil went to the tag office to switch the title and get a new tag. Then at lunch I drove to east Roswell to meet her and switch tags. Also hit a thrift store and RaceTrac. Left work at 5 again but the traffic had me worried I wouldn't make it to the shop by six. I paid over the phone, and they locked my keys in the car. That meant I had to drive the 5 miles home to get a key. I changed into shorts and Anna drove me back to the shop. Then I had to drive back to Cumming to retrieve Matthew. Stopped by three thrift stores on the way. Found a nice Kennesaw Owl bobblehead. Picked up M and let him get a $5.00 Cinco de Mayo Moes burrito on the way home, so it was 8:45 before we got home. Watched some Braves and Hawks and went to bed at ten.    

Wednesday I was in an Accounts Receivable meeting all day. I’m usually not involved in AR but I knew it was expected of me. It was a working meeting, and since I was away from my phone all day I actually got more of my regular work done than had I been at my desk. Took our customer to the Duluth Diner, where I had a triple layer club sandwich on toasted wheat. Will moved some stuff home from Athens and was shadowing this morning at a medical clinic before returning to Athens for work. Ceil fixed BBQ and cole slaw. Will spent several hours helped Matthew cram for his algebra final.

I trained a new employee on Thursday. She played on Villanova’s water polo team. Tomorrow I have to work on a new customer web portal all day, and attend a 1-1/2 hour all employee meeting. Three straight days not doing my regular job during my customer’s busy season. Meanwhile 450,000 pounds are a month late from the mill, one processing machine is shut down for three months, and another more crucial machine is going down for two weeks.  

Thursday night I blew the driveway and washed the deck furniture, which was filthy. Watched the ESPN 30 for 30 on Mississippi State's Will Clark and Rafael Palmeiro. Very good.

This morning the Civic overheated on the way to work and again at lunch. With the plane crash I fear traffic will be bad on the way home. Probably will leave at 4 pm. Co-worker is out today, leaving me with several must-do items. Three other co-workers are also out. Customer also not working, except for the office people.

Right now the house is a mess. When it’s that way it’s hard for me and Ceil to think. Will comes homes and leaves his stuff everywhere, and Anna's room is always a mess. Guess we gotta enjoy them while we can - they'll be gone soon.

Tuesday the Red Sox are giving away Carlton Fisk bobbleheads, where Fisk is waving the home run to stay fair. It will be tough, but I'm trying to swing a deal for one. Fisk will be expensive on eBay. I'm a member of a bobblehead group on Facebook. People are always offering bobbleheads for trade, and you can message them with an offer. It gets busier during the season. Everyone knows when a team is giving away bobbleheads. The Dodgers and Angels give away tons of bobbleheads, so they are the most readily available. Yankee bobbleheads are valuable. Not many Red Sox fans in the group. Since the Braves haven't given any away yet, I really have none to trade. One Red Sox guy wants living Hall of Fame bobbleheads in return, and Gwinnett is giving away Maddux, Glavine, and Smoltz this summer, so maybe he'll trade for one of those. Besides Fisk I really want to get a Brewers Bob Uecker, which are being given away in July. 

Anna, Emily, Brittany, and Caroline Hargreaves are having their graduation party Saturday at the Hargreaves. Even Ceil has jumped on the Hawks bandwagon. A girl at work’s husband works in ticket sales for the Hawks. Young guy just out of Auburn. His group has to do things like place T-shirts on all the seats. Uni Watch has been following the big LeBron headband story.

Also a great article on what Dirk Nowitzki does with all his old Nike gear. After last season (2014) the Braves did not extend Fredi’s contract, which expires at the end of this 2015 season. After the Braves won the division in 2013 Fredi’s contract was extended. Too bad the Braves couldn’t have landed Joe Maddon when he was available, though he doesn’t seem buttoned down enough  for the Braves to hire.

A new Sports Illustrated article on Rickie Fowler pointed out he is the most famous one-win player on tour. Talks about how he flies on private jets, 910000 Twitter followers, big contract to wear Puma clothes and shoes, Ryder Cup Team, plays golf at home with Tiger Woods, dates a supermodel, wrecked his $120,000.00 Porsche roadster, has two new Mercedes on order, and missed the cut in New Orleans. Used to mark his ball with Philippians 4:13 and used to attend the Tuesday night Tour Bible Study, but no longer does either.

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