Friday, May 29, 2015

Matthew's Concert Debut

After work Thursday I headed over to south Cumming to the Vickery Creek community, a great looking town square filled with businesses with homes for sale behind them. The Cupbearer Coffee Shop was having an open mic night and the place was packed with teenagers. McKinnon delivered two spoken word essays – both short but quite personal and emotional. Quite a change of pace from her normally quiet demeanor. Then Matthew sang two songs – and did quite well (to watch click on "two" and "songs" above). His performance was as good as any other and better than many. M’s cheering section was also the largest, with seven there to see him. On the way home Ceil, Will, and I ate at Chickfila.

Tuesday morning I noticed what looked like a bug bite below my knee. Last night when I put on shorts I had similar bites above my knee. Not sure if there had been a bug in my pants or its varicose veins or a blood clot (nothing serious). Worked until 5:40 Tuesday afternoon. Was going to work until six but just couldn’t. Stopped by two stores on the way home but didn’t get anything. Ceil had felt sick all day but cooked ground beef for burritos. Nothing for her on TV, but I watched some of the Hawks and Braves. Stayed up with the Braves until 11:30 when Markakis spoiled the no-hitter in the fifth. Will studied (his test is in early June) and Anna was at best friend Brittany’s going away party – she’s off to Colorado for the summer.

Not too busy on Wednesday, got a bunch caught up, then swamped on Thursday. Friday was be busy because it is the last day of the month.

PaPa Johns Pizza on Wednesday night. Thursday M had his interview for El Felix. Soon he will begin shadowing as a waiter’s assistant, which is fabulous. Anna also had an interview, but I’m not sure anything will work out for her. She must’ve not looked hip enough.

Bruce called me Friday and we had a nice chat. He’s having some touring banjo brothers from Tennessee perform in his neighborhood Sunday week.

Who will win the NBA Finals?

ROB: Kohl's should have their Hawks shirts on clearance soon. Hopefully the Hawks can build off of this season.  Interesting to see what happens with Milsaps and Carrolls.  The both came to the Hawks at a "discount", but due to their success over the last 2 years, I think the market for both will be greater than probably what they should get.  Bottom line, I hope the Hawks don't overpay for either.

ME: The fellow I met last week at the Braves game was profiled in a North Georgia magazine (pages 10-13).  

As long it is charged up, my Fitbit it tells me how many miles I've walked. Resets every night at midnight. I did have to set it up on the computer, but after that first time I don't have to log on the computer if I don't want. Not sure how long the charge will last. I was just playing with it and discovered it has a chronograph, so I could time my runs if I want. Still can't find out how much charge is left. 

I was just at the store and saw an electronic cigarette for sale. That would probably be too complicated for me. The internet is sure slow and messed up. Not sure if it my computer of the whole company. And since my computer was “fixed” I can no longer auto fill entry forms. Won’t ever win another contest.

I’m not a fan of the Cook Out. People always would rave about stopping off there when they go to NC. Not that great to me. A wide selection of mostly bad food. Even the fries weren’t good. Neither were the milkshakes. Plenty of better places to eat. A Wendys burger is much better, as are the fries and Frostys.

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