Thursday, May 14, 2015

New Hawks Unis

The Hawks will have new uniforms this year, and they might be trimmed in lime green like they were back in the Pistol Pete era. Read about it on Uni Watch. The NBA released pictures of the 2015 Christmas Day uniforms and the Hawks had the most bizarre unis of any team. This might be a reflection from what the new unis will look like. I’m glad they’re changing – the current uni is kinda bland. Wish they’d use the old Dominique unis and break out the royal and lime unis from time to time.
On Christmas Day many players will wear special shoes as well – giving a completely different meaning to the old song. As opposed to last year's NBA commercial where the players dribbled a Christmas carol.
Left work yesterday for a meeting at M’s school. Then I took my time getting home, checking email and making work calls and making seven stops: Value Village, Goodwill Roswell, Salvation Army, RaceTrac, the library, Dollar Tree, and Goodwill East Cobb. Didn’t do much last night. Ceil cooked grilled chicken pasta and salad. Watched The Voice, some Cavs/Bulls, GT/UGA, Braves/Reds, old US Open highlights on the Golf Channel, top college football traditions on ESPN Classic, and The Middle on Lifetime. Also Celebrity Jeopardy – Packers QB Aaron Rodgers missed on Final Jeopardy but still beat an astronaut.

Ate at Moxie Burger Wednesday night. I always forget that their BBQ sauce is bad, but at least they don't put too much on it. Moxie is one of the few places that put ordered condiments on both the top and bottom bun, which is nice. The burger and fries are great. Rings are stringy and oily.

On the way over there I found a Dan Uggla bobblehead, giving me another low-value trade bait item. At home I worked Facebook trying to make a trade, and actually pulled off two trades at basically the same time. One of the big wheeler dealers is going to trade me this year's two nicest Brewers bobbleheads: Hank the Ballpark Pup Mother's Day Edition and the talking Bob Uecker as Harry Doyle from the Major League movies. And a kid just starting out his collection is trading me last week's Carlton Fisk bobblehead. The Uecker and Fisk are the two 2015 bobbleheads I want most, so my year is made. Fisk is in the historic pose waving the ball fair after hitting the home run in the World Series.

I also bought a pair of limited edition Ryan Moore True Linkswear Phoenix Open golf shoes. Only 250 pair were made. Last Saturday my brother in law Rusty and I went to the PGA Superstore. The latest golf shoes hardly have spikes at all - they're more like waterproof sneakers. Lots of nice models.    

Yesterday was Matthew's last day of school, so he attended an afternoon party. Today is Anna's last day. M wants to go to Six Flags today after his 9 am doctor's appointment. He is going to concerts on Saturday and Monday. Will had a long day at work Wednesday.

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