Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Hawks: One Year Wonders?

The great thing about the Hawks is they shouldn't be one year wonders. They won two playoff series while not playing their best basketball, and should be able to make moves this off-season to only get better. Of course, this year ain't over yet.
Mentioning the Hawks gives me the chance to show off those sweet unis they wore last week in game two.

The Braves went into last night's game with a better record than 18 of the other 29 teams, including the Yankees, Red Sox, Angels, Mariners, Pirates, and Padres - despite missing one of the anchors of their starting rotation all season. Looks like all those who predicted a hundred loss season will be proved wrong. Speaking about baseball teams, someone gave Anna a new LA Dodgers cap. When I told Johnny about it he said "Dodgers. UGA. You are Braves and Tech. You're not doing a good job, are you?"

As you know, Tech places very little emphasis on athletics compared to other schools. Pepper Rodgers said when he returned to GT as head coach that the facilities hadn't changed since he was a player. He could've stayed at UCLA and continued to win, but loved his alma mater so much he came back even though he knew it would be harder to win. Naturally, Pepper loves Paul Johnson's offense.

Friday I left work at 11 am after working four hours and drove up to Rome. Stood in line with several guys (and gals) from the bobblehead group. Sat with the retired grandfather from Cumming I had met Wednesday at Turner Field. His memorabilia collection has been written up twice by local newspapers. One day we might have to go out and see it. www.forsythnews.com/archives/1190/ On my way home from Rome I realized I had gotten a bad sunburn.

Saturday morning Will drove my car to Hilton Head. Good thing I had filled up in Rome. He returned last night. I drove M up to McKinnon's house, a round trip that takes 1-1/2 hours. Anna was dog-sitting for the neighbors. Ceil watched "A Walk to Remember." I did a good job posting things on eBay. Sold two pair of pants and another bobblehead.

Ceil and I went to PCC Sunday morning. Later I had to drive up to Cumming to retrieve Matthew. Back home C, M, and I ate at El Porton. The food there seems to have gone downhill. Anna and Emily went to a graduation party in Dunwoody and church downtown at Grace Midtown.

Monday C and I did a lot of cleaning. I had to drive M up to Zack's house in Forsyth County north of Birmingham. Anna went to a cookout at Brennan's house. Ceil went grocery shopping, then the two of us ate at Willy's. After that I had to retrieve Matthew. In June he will work on getting his license.

Cashed in my Amazon giftcards for a Fitbit Charge. Tracks steps, miles walked, calories burned, and floors climbed. Also hours slept and times awakened, converting those into a sleep score percentage. After wearing it three days around the house it should be interesting to see how much exercise I get on a normal work day. My main sleep problem is out 70 pound dog jumping on the bed in the middle of the night (or when I get up to go to the bathroom) and fighting him for space.

steps/miles/calories/floors climbed
5994...2.8.....2683.....4... Saturday

sleep score/hours slept/times awakened

If I hadn't ordered the Fitbit I probably would've ordered a new baseball glove or sneakers, so I'm thinking I made a good choice. Might've also ordered a book or pair of pants.

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