Thursday, June 12, 2008

Braves Blues

Jeff Schultz wrote: The teams with the top three payrolls in baseball (Yankees, Mets, Tigers) have a combined record of 88-101. The teams with the bottom three payrolls (Marlins, Rays, A’s) are a combined 105-84.

Think people will ever learn that in baseball, spending more money gaurantees nothing? The Pirates and Royals always have low payrolls, but have long missed the playoffs. Organizational compency and lack of injuries are big keys.

Every team suffers injuries, but the Braves have had it rougher than ever this year…Smoltz, Glavine, Hamption, Gonzalez, Soriano, Moyland, Jurrigans, Kotsay, Chipper, Diaz…that’s half the pitching staff and a third of the defense/offense. Still, they’re not out of it by any means. Now Chipper makes the cover of Sports Illustrated just about the same time he gets hurt…coincidence?

Just read the Brett Farve retirement SI cover…that article and most of the steriod article…reminded me of your comment on softball players taking steriods. Interesting that regular people in their 50’s are taking small amounts to improve quality of life, and how rappers, etc and Hollywood stars are using as well. Adam Sandler has to be.

Tuesday night C, A, and M really enjoyed College Road Trip…Will practiced, after cutting grass & clearing brush for most of the day. Today he went to the Atlanta Dream game…his basketball team played beforehand, and lost. DJ supposedly hit a “half-court, fadeaway, buzzer-beater”.

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