Monday, June 30, 2008

Back to the Grind

Trip back went pretty good… got back at 1:30 am Friday night / Saturday morning…so traffic on the trip back was a non-issue. Drove back through Ott, the way you had on your original directions (on the way down I missed that exit and went further south on the Interstate…using your alternate directions. Even then I missed a turn and stumbled across your original route in Florala…Ceil was none the wiser.

The 40 miles from condo to ballpark wasn’t much of an issue, either. Early games every day left rest of the days open. Destin beach was great…beautiful water and sand, not crowded at all. Saw dolphins and a Coast guard rescue practice. Will played well, especially at shortstop…even on a pretty bumpy field. Won 2, lost 3. You know me, I’ll add detail soon, I hope.

Got to talk to CSS’s Matt Stewart for a long time at a party Saturday…at the Hurt’s, in celebration of Margaret’s making it to the maintenance phase of her leukemia. Didn’t recognize Matt at first…turns out his cousin and uncle coached me years ago in Macon. Anna has done things with his daughter in the past, and Ceil knows his wife from home school meetings. Matt didn’t mind talking sports, and did a good job remembering names. There were few guys at the party to talk to, so we were stuck together for a while.

Ceil’s friend just bought an expensive camera and is trying to get into photography…she recently shot the neighborhood swim team. Will’s teammate Bryce’s mom did some photography for a fundraiser attended by Smoltz, Hudson, and Frenchy.

Month end today…it didn’t take long for me to hack off my boss. Things went smoothly while I was gone…I only checked email once…only returned one email and took one call…

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