Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wednesday Blow Out

An 8 am game with the chance of another later in the day, the whole family woke up early and drug out to the van. Behind schedule, but luckily the earlier morning traffic was lighter. With the sun out, it was to be another scorcher.

Wednesday’s opponent, the Greater Atlanta Christian Spartans, had lost their first two games and were seeded ninth to the Wildcats’ fourth. But perhaps they were saving their pitching until the elimination rounds, a little like we did in the Tuesday game. Things didn’t look good when the number two hitter hit a two-run home run in the top of the first inning.

The Wildcats loaded the bases with two out in the bottom of the first, but failed to score.

After GAC scored two more in the second, Will led off the bottom of the inning by ripping a double down the third base line. Ritchie bunted toward first, but my eyes were on Will as he rounded third base at full speed. The third-baseman was spectating, watching the bunt play while basically backing up onto the third base bag…and Will ran right into him. Meanwhile the pitcher finally picking up the bunt, and stood up to find no one covering first…Ritchie would be safe. But Will was steaming home, and finally the pitcher threw to the catcher. Will slid in (headfirst, of course) barely ahead of the tag.

Bryce walked, and Ritchie took third on a sacrifice fly, and then scored when Bryce was thrown out stealing second. The score was 4 – 2, but Bryce limped off the field…he had hurt his other hip.

GAC scored nine unanswered runs, aided by 8 walks, two batters hit, and five Wildcat errors. Will added a single to left, as well as a putout and assist at shortstop.

After the game we took the scenic route back to Destin, taking Highway 30 through Seaside. We briefly stopped by the outlets and Wal-Mart. At the beach we removed a jellyfish from the ocean. Matthew picked the restaurant…Longhorn.

Later we walked around the Destin Commons shopping center. I walked out of one store, later turning around to find Will talking to a teenage girl, while a gaggle of other girls stood waiting. After they talked for a while, they hugged goodbye. It was Avery, a Living Science classmate.

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