Thursday, June 19, 2008


We have the same problem…shopping trips and going out to eat. When there’s a lot going on…multiple events on the same night, we eat out more. With summer things have slowed down. Hopefully next week’s beach trip won’t kill us. The Whitakers say they’re leaving food for us, which is great…they’re there this week.

We’ll hopefully have Sunday. Will has 10:15 am games, then bracket play starts…double elimination. The games are 45 miles away, so with one car we’ll all have to get up early. Maybe Ceil will have the kids at the beach there.

It was nice to see Gonzo back…that’s all I saw of last night’s game. Will’s team won at Shaw Park…as captain he got to make the lineup. I told him to think like he was on Survivor and bat last, letting the guys from the bottom of the lineup hit first. Instead he had a random draw, but it worked out pretty good.

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