Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Golden Ticket (er, Silver Number)

Will got his Peachtree number yesterday, though I didn’t. He’s in time group 5.

The big white envelope is more clearly marked than previous years. There’s also a coupon for a free carwash enclosed.

I didn’t think anything about his number being grey, until I saw the enclosed letter, saying he is one of 250 to be given the “silver” numbers. At 10 am after the race one of the 250 is given a trip to Dublin Ireland. Perhaps the silver numbers were mailed a few days early.

The finishing instructions are interesting……the finish line is between Ponce de Leon and North Avenue on Courtland Street. After the finish the runners turn left on North Ave, then right onto Piedmont. The T-shirt lines are on Piedmont on the way to the Civic Center. Everyone walks past the Civic Center, then turns left onto Ralph McGill, then left again into the parking lot. But once you have your T-shirt, you can head to the right, east a few blocks to the North Ave or Civic Center MARTA Stations.

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