Monday, June 02, 2008


Had a great time yesterday at the retirement dedication/reception. We got there a little early and was able to check out the aquarium real good, as well as talk to the Condras, Watts, Hal Choyce, etc. I asked Ron about Marty. They’re a little like Reid and Lang, where the son grew up to do something neat that the dad is real interested in.

Both Reid and Edie had some great things to say, which made it great. I never knew the story of how Edith’s name became Edie. Talking to Claire, we didn’t realize how close we live to each other…we’re about as close to the Coleman Crossing Kroger as she is, and we go past her neighborhood all the time. It was nice to be able to talk to Lang as long as I did. Every time I found Reid in the crowd he was in the middle of a conversation with someone…it was easier to get a word in with Edie!

Ceil had a great time as well, and Anna and Matthew disappeared over to the magic show…three times! It was good to see so many people like us Murphy’s, who aren’t at SPdL any more but came back to honor Edie…George Wright was an example. I talked so much at the reception my voice wore out.

Drew was telling me about all the building improvements going on at SPdL…the foundation work, and how the reception hall building was the next to undergo renovations. His wife Nancy marched her teenage soccer-playing son up to Lang, prompting him to ask Lang any questions. They had a good chat, and Lang was nice. Bruce looked well, and both Ceil and I each had a good chat with him. He’d fit in nicely as a teacher at Living Science, the school Will and Anna go to.

It was so much fun that we stayed to the end. I knew Will had a ride home from his game, but we drove over to the field anyway. There was a line of cars leaving the park, but a few were still there. They lost to a tough team, and all the players were tired from playing six games in five days…with only nine players at just about all the games. Will caught again, and went 2 – 2. On the way home Will kept asking about the reception, about who was there.

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