Tuesday, June 03, 2008


These days I’m doing good just to see a small part of a Braves game…much less get emotionally involved as I’d like to.

Last night was interesting…left work at 6:10, then called home. W said C wasn’t there, so I called her cell…no answer, which isn’t unusual. She called back, and was at the hospital…Becky had shortness of breath from a weekend of extensive work on her house, and they were running tests. I picked up Joel & Charles and took them home, then took them and W & M to the pool for two hours. Then we went home and fixed dinner for Ceil and Becky, who was ok.

So I saw the some of the first two innings…Chipper getting a 2-out hit, then later Frenchy’s HR. the next time I had a chance to think about the game, it was after 10:30. Around 11 pm I read on line what had happened, and scooted over to the TV to catch some highlights. Summer means everyone stays up later, which is bad for me!

Catherine Norman is spending the summer in South Africa doing mission work.

When we were at IKEA Sunday afternoon before the reception, M grabbed a map and pencil, and methodically checked off every section we went through, skipping over the sections we bypassed. He also knew exactly where the cookie samples were in the snack bar.

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