Monday, September 08, 2008

How Good is UGA's Moreno?

I’m more into football this season…don’t know why. I watched most of the GT game, perhaps because it was close…that was a nice one to put in the win column.

Then I watched a good chunk of the UGA game, to see if they could really put the game away. At times it was a relatively close game. Moreno had two amazing runs…the long TD run where he broke some tackles, put a quick stiffarm on a DB, then quickly pulled away from him. Then when he was driven out of bounds, Moreno dove and stuck the ball into the end zone. It really fired him up when he leaped over the DB. You’d think ESPN would put that in a top ten…that hardly ever happens in football. Kinda like Vince Carter in the Olympics a few years ago.

We’ll see if Moreno can keep it up for a career like Herschel did. Not many you can put in the Herschel-Bo-Barry Sanders-Walter Payton-Dorsett category…but Moreno is something. Reggie Bush was great in college, but he’s got a ways to go in the pros.

Saturday night Ceil and I ate at Jalisco, and ran over to Lenox real quick.

Sunday after church I took M and A to see Indiana Jones, then I watched the 4th quarter of the Falcons, then the end of the Jets game. Then Will and I watched the 9th inning on of the Braves. Last night everyone watched Enchanted on the DVD. I really did a lot more than sit around and watch TV all weekend!

We had small group Friday night. Will and I went to a breakfast at his school Saturday morning.

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