Monday, September 29, 2008

More Letterman Fun Facts

1. Barack Obama notified his supporters of his VP choice by text message. John McCain notified his supporters of his VP choice by telegraph.
2. Harry Houdini once escaped from jury duty with only seconds to spare.
3. If you'd invested $1000 with Shearson Lehman 10 years ago, it would be worth nearly a quarter in 2008 U.S. dollars.
4. You can remove club soda stains with red wine.
5. The saying "If you break it, you buy it" was first coined by Ghandi.
6. The operating hours of Dollywood are 9 to 5.
7. An employee who loves his job is considered gruntled.
8. World's first Fun Fact? "Fire hot!"
9. During the 80's, Sting had the authority to hand out speeding tickets.
10. Magician David Blaine once mesmerized an audience by sitting through an entire Dane Cook movie.

RIP: Paul Newman made a surprise cameo appearance in the audience on the debut LATE SHOW, August 30, 1993, demanding to know "Where the hell are the singing cats?" On April 6, 1994, he reappeared, again in the audience, asking, "No Madonna?" Dave then escorted Paul outside to see "Cats."

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