Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lines at the Pump

Friday I left work early and ran some errands on the way home. I needed gas, but decided to wait until later that evening, as I didn’t know about the impended gas crisis. Then we took the kids places, and I was worried that PFChang would be crowded, so I didn’t want to stop before dinner. I wasn’t surprised by the heavy Friday afternoon traffic, but then noticed a huge crowd at the BP on Mansell. Jeff Hullinger on AM750 said not to panic over gas, but 104.7 the Fish said to fill up.

I had no choice…I was running on fumes. After dinner I was headed to one BP, then remembered the one on Haynes Bridge next to the Varsity. They were out of gas! We went back to Mansell, but the line was longer, and the RaceTrac was full as well. I continued on Mansell past PFChang again, knowing the Shell wasn’t that crowded. But Children’s Healthcare had a helicopter parked in the middle of the road, waiting on a patient. I thought I was supposed to run out of gas, but we made it to Shell for $20.00 worth.

We ran down to Perimeter Mall, then stopped at the BP just north of the river. It was a little crowded. We stopped at the “Land of a Thousand Hills” Coffee Shop in Roswell, supposedly the latest hot spot. A couple of customers were hanging out with their Mac laptops, of course. When we got home there was little to do, I took the van back to the same BP to fill up with gas, so it wouldn’t be a chore in the days ahead.

Saturday I watched some of Clemson/NC State and the game one of the Braves and Mets. Then I was flipping back and forth on just about every play of the GT and UGA games. I saw a little of the USC trouncing of OSU. If UGA runs the table, hopefully they’ll get rolling better, because USC looks tough.

Sunday I blogged about the college games, did housework, and saw Norton’s dramatic shot, which I loved. Jumped in the middle of the Chipper debate on Rowland’s Office. I was one of the first, and was glad there were many who agreed with me. But the later posts are correct…like the old pitchers, it’s most likely Chipper won’t play 150 games. Few hit .360 in 130 games, though. Unlike last year, Hoss won’t compete for the Gold Glove this year…unless he gets the sympathy vote. Or I just happened to see all his bad plays.

Just finished a good book on Bill Belicheck, which made me a NE and Tom Brady fan. According to the book, the loss of Brady, who doesn't get credit for his hard work, the Pats should be OK with Cassel at the helm. Now I'm reading a book about Neil Armstrong, that says Buzz was upset he wasn't the first on the moon...a position he lobbied for. This helped lead to his bout as an alcoholic.

I know nothing of why hitters are doing bad...all that mechanical stuff...though of course I'm an expert on Will's woes!

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