Thursday, August 13, 2009


Guess Schultz will always be my buddy. He did say the same thing, that a player might not have the same stats had he not been traded. Plus Church has been hot lately, after playing through an injury. Kotchman also played hurt while he was here…writers (& fans) often forget this.

I have a new Facebook friend…DOB. Weeks ago when I added Schultz and Bradley (all it means is they can hit my wall with their writing, though Schultz did swap quips with me that time) I also petitioned DOB for friendship. He finally accepted, and I’m his 19th friend…he doesn’t use Facebook much, obviously.

Will’s teammates are all grouping together on an East Cobb team, which would be big bucks. I’m supposed to talk to two coaches tonight. There are tryouts Saturday, so last night I threw Will BP. Made him pitch some, as he’ll be pitching more this fall.

I never was good at doing those studies ahead of time, either.

Opened up the birthday card from my parents. I’m sure they picked it out for the photo on the front, as opposed to the message, which I’m sure they didn’t get. Picture of an old-school basketball player from years ago, black and white. Palming a basketball in each hand. Message inside:

It’s your birthday! Do something that makes you happy.

Take Bill, for example. He enjoys holding both balls simultaneously.

I showed the Ogre and he laughed so hard he cried.

Hated to see all those stolen bases off Hanson. Terrible out call at third…at least a call went our way for once. Nice to see Church heat up. Not much I take issue with, you know, but Ron Gant is a terrible announcer. Not a good storyteller, or good at making baseball insider comments…he just agrees with the other announcer. Lemke is Red Barber compared to him. I do like Powell and Sutton and Simpson the best…also Chip and Boog. Lemke is just OK.

Got a headache yesterday and didn’t feel well all evening, still not 100%. Worked til 6:30, ate a good dinner (leftover BBQ), and flipped between Millionaire and the Braves before going to bed at 9:30. Woke up at 12:30 and thought it was morning. Still didn’t get up early and run, which would probably make me feel better. Matthew woke up still sick, so he’s at the doctor.

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