Monday, August 31, 2009

Painting the Playhouse

Playhouse weekend. Friday evening Matthew and I worked until dark cleaning it up, getting ready to paint. Saturday I cleaned a little more while Will did some priming. Matthew was concerned with colors, and went with Ceil to Home Depot…there was no good interior wall paint in the piles of paint cans we’d accumulated. Did find some white exterior paint, that I spent the rest of the day brushing on the ceiling, windows, railings, and door. Matthew returned and painted most of the two unwindowed walls blue.

Sunday after NP I couldn’t paint the exterior in the rain, but finished the interior…including the floor.

Ceil thought the kids birth certificates were in our safe deposit box, over near Gwinnett Mall. I’d been in meetings all week and couldn’t check, but I needed to turn in copies by month end so insurance wouldn’t be dropped. Finally got over there Friday afternoon, but they weren’t there (we probably never had them, since they hadn’t been needed before). Earlier I had called in to the Vital Records office, for them to make copies just in case. I drove down there, near Claremont & Buford Hwy, to get them.

Lang and Claire may know Margaret Dudley, Ed’s sister. She was active in the SPdL youth, but may be a year or 2 older than Lang. Same Dudleys. From reading the paper when he left Walton, he seems to be a good Christian and family man, looking forward to a new, different adventure in small town south Georgia. As the Walton AD, he knew nothing about lacrosse, but made himself the head coach and fielded a competitive team.

Chipper needs 4 HR to become one of 3 players with 20 or more HR for (15?) straight years, joining Aaron and someone else. Could be down to the wire. Will be interesting to see how many off days he takes if the team falls out of the wild card race.

Tonight I’m supposed to go to a uniform meeting at East Cobb baseball. This way I won’t be able to complain about the uniforms. Found out today that Ryan G has joined the 2010 team, which is good. He was second on the Prowlers in OBP (just ahead of Will) and can pitch, catch, pretty much play anywhere. With both Prowlers catchers back, and SS, CF, and 2B “filled” it’ll be interesting to see where Will plays. Third?

Will said Saturday his team didn’t practice hitting or pitching, only fielding. How can you not practice hitting? With 12 players, five coaches and a pitching machine, seems like someone could throw BP in a cage every practice. Hard to involve 12 guys at one time. They practice three times a week at most.

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