Thursday, August 13, 2009

Parker's Stats

I actually did better keeping up with team stats this year. I haven’t added the games at the beach yet…these are the totals through the July 12th game (plus I missed one or two others). I am pretty tough on fielders, calling it an error when the fielder boots the ball. I don’t know how much that effected any particular Prowler’s average.

Until now I really haven’t analyzed the stats. Parker falls in the middle of the pack in Batting Average and On Base Percentage, as well as runs scored per at bat, runs scored per hit, RBIs/AB, RBIs/hit. He obviously made more than his share of great defensive plays!

32 games...65 at bats...19 hits... .292 batting average (7th on team)...14 runs...13 RBI...4 doubles...35 times on base...81 plate appearances... .432 on base percentage (6th on team)...9 strikeouts (only Mitch (7), RT, Tyler, & Durham (all 8) had less)...15 walks (3rd on team)...4 stolen HBP.

Only Tyler had a better ratio of strikeouts to walks.

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