Sunday, August 31, 2014

Pay It Forward

Ever hear of “Pay It Forward”? Someone in the drive thru line pays for the person behind them. I forgot breakfast Thursday morning, and decided to stop at McDonalds. The special was 2 bacon egg & cheese biscuits for three bucks. When I tried to pay, the lady said they car in front of me had paid my bill – she had “paid it forward.” I had heard of this but never had it happen to me. The car in front of me was gone – an older model long Buick. I’m sure my ten year old Civic screams “help me!” 

I looked in my rear view mirror. A smaller, older car than mine, driven by someone in their 20’s. So I decided to “pay it forward” (if you’re paying for the person in line behind you, shouldn’t it be “pay it backward”?). Of course, their check was two bucks more than mine. And could it be a scam? Could the person behind me change their order, adding to their bill? Only I could question something as good as Pay It Forward.

Speaking of food, the Carolina Burger at Cheeseburger Bobbys is pretty good. Just the right amount of ingredients. Lots of BBQ sauce. Slaw – not too little but not too much. Beef was very good. The manager there at Johns Creek said they use a different kind of beef than the other CB’s in town. Onion rings were good but not great, from frozen not freshly dipped. Last night on Facebook I joined the CB email club – which sent me a coupon for a another free burger. I’ll use it this weekend.

On the way home Thursday I picked up a Dallas Stars hockey bobblehead, which hopefully I can trade. Might grab two Thrashers statues with an eye on trading or selling them as well. Watched the Braves Thursday night, and very little football. Those games were always at commercial.

Finished the 850 page Joseph P Kennedy autobiography. Three new books: Joel Rosenberg non-fiction on the Middle East conflict, Eisenhower’s bluff, and actor Rob Lowe’s autobiography. Lowe talks about crossing paths with JFK Jr., so it counts as a Kennedy book.   

Noticed that Schultz picked Louisville over Miami. Guess you shouldn’t trust me. I still think Miami wins.

ROB: Here is my crazy theory on how the Braves could still win the division: They are 70-64.  If they win every series (including the 4 gamer vs the Pirates), they would finish at 89-73.

The Nats are 75-57.  Their next 2 series are on the road against the Mariners and Dodgers.  They need to lose both of those series.  They would also lose the 2 series against the Braves.  They have 3 4-game series left - 2 against the Marlins and 1 with the Mets.  They would need to split these.  They can win 3 game series at home against the Mets and Phillies.  This would get them to 89-73 as well. Yes, all of this is a longshot, but we will see.

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